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Children of Light

We are very sorry to report that CAMP MEETING 2021 has been postponed until May 2022

Come out and enjoy the rich fellowship, the glorious scenery, and the restful and refreshing atmosphere here at our 8th annual Camp Meeting in the majestic and world famous  Blue Ridge Mountains! You won't be disappointed!

Our speaking schedule each day is intentionally designed to allow for the fellowship that we find so many desire. There is ample time between meetings to interact with the presenters and those attending, enjoy a restful time of rocking and reflection in the popular rocking chairs and even a refreshing stroll down by the quiet and secluded mountain stream!



Two meals per day will be provided— breakfast and lunch. These will be vegan meals but will not be gluten, nut or oil free.

Ages 10 & up: $8 per meal

Ages 5-9: $5 per meal

Ages 0-4: $FREE

There's nothing quite so beautiful as SPRINGTIME! Unless it's Camp Meeting at springtime in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Make plans to join us in May of 2020



Lodging is available in three categories:


Ages 10-Adult: $20 per night



Any tent: $7 per night  w/showers

$15 per night  w/showers



512 Cross Circle,

Unicoi, TN 37692


contact us

If for any reason a you need further information, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

Becky: 828.284.7155

Wesley: 828.284.8441



Shopping: Walmart is less than 5 miles away and Johnson City is 15 minutes away. All of your major stores are nearby.

Clothing: There is a river on the property and nice walking trails through the woods and along the river. The temperatures can vary so be sure to bring attire suitable for hot or cool.

Connectivity: The meeting hall does provide wi-fi but the dorms and cafeteria do not.

Housekeeping: You may have food in your room provided that it is kept in a cooler or sealed container. Should you need to bring your own food, Please, NO eating in the room as there are ample places provided outside—such as a gazebo. Thank you!

Our Youth: We believe that this time is not only for the adults to enjoy fellowship so we are making a special time available for the parents to enter into a time of play with our young people. Therefore you might want to bring a pair of tennis shoes (do they really call them that?) and comfortable loose clothing.



Speaker Schedule: click here  

Please Read:  click here

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