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  1. A Brief Exposition Three Angels Of Revelation 14 – James White

  2. A Review Of Remarks Of Crozier On The Sabbath – J. N. Andrews

  3. A Seal Of The Living God – Joseph Bates

  4. A Study Of The 144,000 – Uriah Smith

  5. A Word To The Little Flock – James White

  6. An Explanation Of The Typical And Anti-Typical – Joseph Bates

  7. Ancient Sun Worship- A. T. Jones

  8. Bible Adventism – James White

  9. Bible Handbook – S. N. Haskell

  10. Come Out Of Her, My People – Charles Fitch

  11. Defending The Godhead

  12. Defending The Spirit Of Prophecy

  13. Ecclesiastical Empire – A.T. Jones

  14. Family Bible Studies

  15. Fundamentals Of Bible Doctrine – Alonzo J. Wearner (1931)

  16. Great Second Advent Movement – John N. Loughborough

  17. History Of The Sabbath And The First Day Of The Week – J. N. Andrews

  18. History Of Protestantism, Volume 1 – Wylie

  19. History Of Protestantism, Volume 2 – Wylie

  20. History Of Protestantism, Volume 3 – Wylie

  21. Medical Missionary Manual

  22. Miller’s Works Volume 1 – Views Of The Prophecies And Prophetic Chronology

  23. Miller’s Works Volume 2 – Evidence From Scripture And History Of The Second Coming Of Christ, About The Year 1843

  24. National Sunday Law – A. T. Jones

  25. Rome’s Challenge – Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday?

  26. The 2300 Days And The Sanctuary – Uriah Smith

  27. The Approaching Crisis – Joshua V. Himes

  28. The Cross And Its Shadow – S. N. Haskell

  29. The Dismantling Of Seventh-Day Adventism

  30. The First Day Of The Week Not The Sabbath Of The Lord – J. N. Andrews

  31. The Four Universal Monarchies Of The Prophecy Of Daniel And God’s Everlasting Kingdom – James White

  32. The Glory Of God In The Earth – Charles Fitch

  33. The Holy Spirit Exists

  34. The Judgment Its Events And Their Order – J. N. Andrews

  35. The Mystery Of The Daily – John W. Peters

  36. The Nature Of The Godhead

  37. The Present Truth And Adventist Review

  38. The Sanctuary – O. R. L. Crosier

  39. The Sanctuary And Twenty-Three Hundred Days – J. N. Andrews

  40. The Sanctuary, The 2300 Days And The Shut Door – James White

  41. The Second Coming Of Christ, Or, A Brief Exposition Of Matthew Twenty-Four – James White

  42. The Sounding Of The Seven Trumpets Of Revelation 8 And 9 – James White

  43. The Story Of Daniel The Prophet – S. N. Haskell

  44. The Three Messages Of Revelation 14 – J. N. Andrews

  45. The Two Republics – A.T. Jones

  46. The Empires Of The Bible – A. T. Jones

  47. Thoughts On Daniel And The Revelation – Uriah Smith

  48. Understanding Daniel And The Revelation – Pat Temple

  49. What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life

1. Daniel 2: Living Stones – Download

The “Living Stones” study will take you through a step-by-step and verse-by-verse analogy of the verses that too many are confused over. It need not be so. This study will finally reveal why the correct understanding of the stone of Daniel two is so impactful to us as a people professing to be waiting for the return of the Bridegroom! This is a very comprehensive study, leaving no stone unturned!

2. The Day of the Lord – A Study of Joel Download

Many have inquired as to our understanding and position concerning Joel and it’s application to God’s people living here at the end of the world. This document was not written to satisfy that curiosity but instead was written just prior to meetings that were to be accomplished in order to resolve the differing positions taken concerning the army of Joel. We were asked to submit an overview of our position and evidences and so we did. Know that since the origin of this document MUCH GREATER light has come forth that will serve to set more clearly and firmly before God’s people the truth that the army of Joel 2 is God’s own 144k!

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